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Mindful Quality Holiday Shopping

Why do I own a boutique in this day and age? Amazon is expecting to take an even bigger chunk of the holiday sales this year, it is easy and available. But you can’t touch the fabrics, you don’t know what they are made of, and the quality is not easily discerned through a computer screen. Everyone has sales, discounts and specials but it all comes back to getting what you pay for. We can’t resist discounts, finding a dress online for $13, what a bargain. When it arrives, the quality is not exactly what you expected but you will get a few wears out of it, before washing distorts it and it gets relegated to the bottom of your closet. Next year it gets tossed when you find another bargain. Every year up to $15 million tons of textiles are tossed, 85 % of that ends up in landfills contributing to our waste and pollution problem.

You ask yourself what can I do to make a difference? Buy classics, statement pieces and quality materials. Before I met Scott, I shopped for bargains, thinking I was getting a deal at JCPenney, Macy’s and Kohl’s. I wore the clothes, threw it away after several washings when it faded and distorted. My closet is slowly being converted to brands like Salaam, SnoSkins and EtLois that are American made and look new after numerous washings. I don’t think I have thrown out one piece bought at my store. I still wear the first item Scott presented me with 9 years ago and it looks the same after all those years. That is how I make a difference! My clothes no longer end up in landfills!

The dress I am wearing in the picture accompanying this blog is one of my new favorites. It is totally outside of my comfort zone, but it is also comfortable, American made and quality. The first time I tried it on I thought “I don’t know if I can wear this outside of the store”. Well I wore it to my other job, on the street and to events and guess what, I got lots of compliments. The old me would not have taken a chance like that, but the new me wants to be noticed and I want to shine! The quote “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak” is true. We all judge by our first impression. What would you like to say without saying it? I want to help you shine!

This holiday season start buying statement pieces that will last. Even better, what about Mom? She has done so much for you, pick out something that will make her feel great when she puts it on! Bring out the color of her eyes, the blush in her cheeks or the shine in her hair.

Boutique Tana Kaya is here to help you make lots of statements! Make people say “WOW” when they see you. Keep your clothes out of landfills. Get what you pay for!