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Terry Acker has a Bachelor of Fine Art and Language Literature from the University of Florida and has been working as an artist for over 20 years. She teaches adult pottery classes and gives lectures and demonstrations in local schools around Fort Collins as a guest artist.


Her functional pottery and large sculptural vases and bowls are made with a high-fire white stoneware clay. Terry uses slabs of clay that are slip-trailed and stamped with her own designs to create her pieces. Every aspect of the creation of her work is performed by Terry herself.


Terry Acker pottery is made to be used, both every day and for special occasions.


Her personal philosophy as a clay artists in her own words:
I love the mud-lusciousness of clay. Clay combines sculpture and painting; with its three dimensional form and surface decoration. The immediacy of creating the form and the technique of applying glazes in a painterly way is intoxicating. A well-made ceramic form transcends the humbleness of function and becomes art! I am inspired by nature and intrigued by how we connect and relate to it. My vessels are united by an underlying theme of respect of nature and the joy of being a part of it.

Flower Vase - Handmade Ceramic - Terry Acker Potter

Terry Acker

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